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Heritage Questions

Will the war memorial be enhanced and retained?

The war memorial, installed in 1919 and moved to its current location after the Second World War will be retained. The plan is to move the war memorial back to its original home at the end of the north aisle to create a quiet space that mirrors the lady chapel in the south aisle.

How will the ledger stones be removed without damage?

Expert professional contractors with specialist equipment will be handling any fragile or historic component of this project. Previous projects over the last few years have moved ledger stones inside the church, helping us understand the process and plan for it within the project.

What provision will be made for quiet prayer? Could better use be made of the Lady Chapel?

The Lady Chapel will be retained to provide quiet space for prayer and contemplation. Spaces for small groups, study and quiet times will also be available in the chancel.

What is happening to the mediaeval wall painting in the nave?

The wall painting, assumed to be 15th Century, will be carefully conserved by a specialist.

What is happening to the font?

The font will be moved to sit on the east side of the South door, placing it at the entrance of the church, a historically symbolic location to welcome new members into the body of Christ.

Why are the pews being removed?

The pews inhibit movement within the building, particularly for those with restricted mobility, (for example, wheelchair users are unable to sit with family); the pews also hinder existing activities that take place.  We have taken professional advice regarding this matter and the pews are not of "historical value".  The seating in the church has changed over the years; lots of traditional churches, including cathedrals, have removed the pews in favour of seating that can be adjusted according to need.  New, flexible seating will allow accessibility and enhance the services and activities that take place within the church.

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