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Future / Legacy Questions

Can we see a sample of proposed seating to replace the pews?

The chairs selected are Theo-M, which are metal frame, have a wooden back and an upholstered seat. Some chairs will be purchased with arms, to assist those with reduced mobility.

When not in use, the church often seems cluttered and untidy. How will this be addressed?

This project aims to create sensitive storage spaces throughout the building to improve on the management of all the items needed for the wide variety of activities that go on in the church. The project will also allow us to consider what is currently stored in the building, and re-home anything that is not essential.

Who will organise the flexible space, and keep it tidy once the pews are removed?

As with now, arranging the furniture of the church and keeping the building tidy will rely on our amazing team of volunteers, led by our ministry team and churchwardens. St Mary’s relies on volunteers from our community for every aspect of church maintenance, from flower arrangers, to cleaners, to those who lock the church at night. If you would like to help with any part of maintaining our wonderful church, please do contact us.

What will happen to the kitchen and toilet?

The kitchen will be updated with new units and layout. The toilet will remain the same with some redecoration. It is not possible to build a new toilet due to building restrictions and whilst the present one is not completely accessible for wheelchairs, it is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair inside the door to then use a mobility frame.

What will happen to the external fabric of the building?

The external fabric of the building, such as the roof, bell tower, gutters and brick work come under the care of the Fabric Team and external professional support. The church is inspected every five years and a report details the most pressing areas needing repair or attention. The finances for this are raised from the church congregation but going forwards, grant applications will also be made for funding larger repairs, such as the roof.

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