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Formal Learning

Formal Learning for Primary School Children

For younger children, sessions will focus on the habitats that exist in and around the church. Making more use of the outdoor space, children can learn about the impact of the church building on its surrounding environment. Fun activities involve searching for the animals and plants that have made their home in the churchyard and in the building itself and think and learn about the protections we need to provide for the natural world.

For older children, the focus is on history and the heritage of the site, investigating some of the features that make it unique; learning about the building’s purpose and its position in the village; understanding the impact of changes over time; and becoming familiar with the people who have been involved in its history.

School sessions will be supported by digital learning resources, including videos and downloadable materials, that can be used to prepare for a session and extend learning. A new village heritage walk and nature walk can be used to further enhance sessions and encourage deeper connection with the local built and natural environments. The walking trails will be an adaptable resource that can also be used by family groups.

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